Hello and welcome to Wisbech Reads website where you can find further information on the Wisbech Reads Partnership.

Wisbech Reads is a partnership located in the Wisbech area of Cambridgeshire whose focus is to improve literacy skills amongst both children and adults. The partnership is taking a community-based approach to this task believing that engaging the whole community and using trusted community assets to facilitate delivery will bring about sustainable, community-driven development that will yield results for the longer term.

Back in 2014, Wisbech Reads secured Arts Council England funding to ‘Enhance children’s confidence and enjoyment in reading and writing, speaking and listening’. A small core group of partners had success in achieving this by facilitating regular encounters with books and their authors, stories and storytellers, and by providing participatory, inter-generational opportunities for families to engage more creatively with reading and writing.

Since then the Partnership has grown and developed. It is currently funded through Cambridgeshire Culture, Clarion Futures and Festival Bridge (using Arts Council England funds). The Partnership employs Cambridgeshire ACRE to provide partnership development, facilitation and fundraising support.

Please visit our News and Events page to learn more about the Wisbech Reads’ Partnership’s current activities.